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Welcome to Notary and Copy Stop, Inc.

Welcome to the Notary and Copy Stop your one stop shop for all your Pennsylvania motor vehicle needs. Here at the Notary and Copy Stop, we are connected online with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) to provide you with instant processing for title transfers with most vehicles like cars, trucks, motorcycles, and trailers. Renewals for Pennsylvania Non Commercial driver's licenses/photo ID's and vehicle registrations are also instantaneous with the Notary and Copy Stop's online processing which provides you with the sticker and registration card for vehicle renewals and the camera card for driver's license/photo ID renewals right over the counter with no wait time what so ever! Notary and Copy Stop can also enter your ATV and snowmobile titles online for quick processing by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR).

Just because Notary and Copy Stop may not be able to process online, does not mean we do not also provide title transfers for other PennDOT related deals like mobile homes and off road vehicles. Of course, when you are transferring the trailer do no forget the boat or other watercraft that goes with it. Notary and Copy Stop is an authorized agent of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission fully able to transfer the boat or watercraft that you bought with that trailer into your name as well. For a full list of Notary and Copy Stop's services you can visit the Services Page.

On our website, we provide information on what is required to transfer/change a PA title into someone else's name, how to renew a vehicle registration and get a new sticker for the Pennsylvania license plate, how to renew a PA driver's license, and provide answers to most other PA related vehicle questions. We also provide answers for the transfer/changing of title for a boat or jet ski and the renewal of the boat registration or jet ski registration along with the transfer/changing of title for a ATV and snowmobile and the related renewal of the registration for the ATV and snowmobile. (This site is currently under construction and the stated material will be provided in the near future. Thank you for visiting us and your consideration.


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