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Notary and Copy Stop is proud to provide fast reliable online service for all your Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) needs involving:


Title Transfers

Reconstructed Titles

In-Transit Plates

Duplicate Titles

Address Changes

Replacement Registration Cards

Replacement Weight Class Stickers

Placard Address Changes

Registration Renewals

Issue Plates

Transfer Plates

Vehicle Registration Restorations

Replacement Stickers

Issue Placards

Placard Renewals

Replacement Placards

Replacement Placard ID Cards

Non CDL Driver's License Renewals

Photo ID Renewals

Non CDL Driver's License Restorations

Driver's License Records

Interim Replacement Non CDL Driver's Licenses

Interim Replacement Photo ID's

Salvage Titles1

Issue Handicap Plates

Special Fund Plates







Replacement Plates

Replacement Handicap Plates

Surrender Plates1

Messenger Services1


For those who have a(n) ATV(s), snowmobile(s), boat(s), and/or any type of watercraft(s) our online services also include:


ATV Title Transfers

ATV Registration Renewals

ATV Address Changes

ATV Replacement Registration Cards

ATV Replacement Plates

ATV Replacement Stickers

ATV Duplicate Titles

Snowmobile Title Transfers

Snowmobile Registration Renewals

Snowmobile Address Changes

Snowmobile Replacement Registration Cards

Snowmobile Replacement Plates

Snowmobile Replacement Stickers

Snowmobile Duplicate Titles

Watercraft Title Transfers1

Reconstructed Boats1

Watercraft Replacement Titles1


We also provide faxing, copying, and notary services.


1 This is not an online service.

* If any transaction cannot be processed online we offer messenger services.


***State and Service Fees Apply***



If you wish to inquire about a price, please call the Notary and Copy Stop at either (814) 946-4114 or (814) 949-7070. Due to the variety of possibilities, a call will allow the Notary and Copy Stop to better assist you and give more accurate prices.


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